Emily Maynard and Jef Holm head to Africa!

Jef and Emily heading to Africa. Photo: Twitter
Bachelorette Emily Maynard and her fiancee, Jef Holm, are taking their first vacation as a couple. The newly engaged Bachelorette couple headed to Africa for Jef's company, People Water. Jef later tweeted about his trip: & I are going to Africa to help change people's lives. I couldn't love her more. She's my best friend!

Jef explains more about their trip on his company blog " Traveling with Jef and Emily will be Cody and Bronson, two of People Water’s most valuable crew. The four of them will join Generosity Water, one of our non-profit partners. Together, they will move through Ghana visiting the areas to which a total of nine different well projects have recently begun pumping water." In their first weeks together, Jef and Emily will be traveling to Ghana to visit the villages where People Water’s two most recent wells are currently providing clean, safe water to the nearby people. We are so excited for Emily to be involved in People Water’s mission. She’s wanted to participate in such a trip for a long time, so we can’t wait to show her the huge impact our projects are making towards the cause."