'The Bachelorette''s Michael on the Show's Two Controversies

'The Bachelorette''s Michael on the Show's Two Controversies
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As the four remaining bachelors -- Ed, Kiptyn, Reid, Wes -- vie for "The Bachelorette"'s affections on tonight's episode, last week's eliminated bachelor, Michael Stagliano, talks to ET about the two big controversies.

First up, Michael addresses the issue of Ed, who left the show a while back citing "work" as the reason. Last week, he returned unexpectedly. He never did say whether or not his job was really in jeopardy, but, as a result, Jillian Harris had to eliminate two bachelors this week, instead of just one.

"I think during the Rose Ceremony, I honestly put my hand up to ask Chris Harrison, 'Is this legal? Doesn't this break the structure of the show?' I didn't really understand the concept of: 'Jillian, I am going to leave for a month and then I will be back and we will pick it up from there,'" Michael tells ET.

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